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Gelpax Therapy


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The Gelpax Advantage

*Gelpax Therapy gel is formulated to provide the ultimate in

hot / cold treatment. It remains flexible when frozen to easily conform, or radiates long term warmth for heat therapy. Gel color is light blue.

Application: For treatment of small areas around the face. Ideal for reducing swelling or providing relief from facial surgery or dental work. Preferred by dentists, dermatologists and facial surgeons.

Case Quantity: 250

Size: 3 x 5

Application: Ideal for headache therapy or for pain relief around the forehead or eye area. Wraps around hands, wrists and ankles. Preferred by physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports therapists.

Case Quantity: 100

Size: 4 x 10

Application: X-large therapy pack can be used to cover large areas of the body for

hot/cold treatment. Ideal for upper and lower back, shoulder wrap and thigh wrap. Preferred by all therapists, chiropractors and health care providers. Case Quantity: 34

Size: 10 x 12

Application: Medium therapy pack can be used for injury relief on most body areas. Easily wraps around hands, arms, ankles, knees, back of neck and covers medium size muscles. Preferred by physiotherapists, sports therapists, health clubs and spas.

Case Quantity: 80

Size: 6 x 10

Gelpax Therapy

packs are filled

with non-toxic

specially formulated

Gelpax Flexigel.

Orders over $250 we pay shipping.

Professional Quality hot / cold therapy gel packs